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CrossFit Ferus’ staff of experienced coaches are completely devoted to making you the best version of yourself. From the day you walk into the door, your fitness will be in the hands of professionals that take a holistic approach towards meeting your goals and establishing an overall healthier way of living. Our job as coaches doesn’t stop when you leave our doors, each athlete will be reviewed daily by coaches and we will provide communication, encouragement, share knowledgeable content, or just drop a note to let you know how much can’t wait to wake up and get after it tomorrow.


We at CrossFit Ferus have programming that is custom designed for our gym. Nobody is going to know how your mind and body is feeling, or how a workout will attack a particular energy system more than the person who will do it along side you. We take into account the observations of athlete performance, proven Tier system to keep your CNS healthy and firing at all times, and also by staying true to who we are and what we do, and that is CrossFit. Constantly Varied Functional Movements Performed at High Intensity. We will take care of the first five words of that definition for you, the atmosphere and people in your class will ensure that you deliver on those last two.


Throughout our four year history we have carefully observed, listened, and spoken with our community of athletes about what their gym should offer. This brand new facility offers clean bathrooms & showers, over 3,000sq. ft of working area to suit our group CrossFit classes, Endurance Program, Yoga, & athlete treatment area. Also on site we offer FREE child care for all athletes, drop-in’s, & coaches with a staff available during almost all hours of operations. We have a dedicated staff that will provide exceptional care for your children and engage in activities with them so that when you are with us that your focus is on developing your fitness work capacity.


Our facility has over 3,000 sq ft of athletic turf and rubber gym flooring to accommodate a safe classroom environment. We have brand new showers and bathrooms for our athletes that have places to be after sweating through a class. A child drop care facility for all our athletes, drop ins & coaches to safely leave their children so to have a stress free fitness experience. Located at 6151 Raeford Rd. Suite B Fayetteville, NC 28304. Google maps has us listed less than 8 minutes from All-American Gate for military. Whether you are coming from Raeford, Haymount Area, Hope Mills, or Ramsey Street, we are within 15 minutes from any direction. We are located across the street from Time Warner Cable at the stop light.

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