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Metcon (Time)

Teams of 4

40 Synchro Plate G2O 45/25

* resting team in dead-hang *

30 Synchro Burpees2Plate

* resting team in Push-Up*

20 Synchro TTB

* resting team holds plate OH*

100 Front Squats 135/95

* Bar must be held by 2 partners off the ground the entire time. If you drop Bar, team runs penalty 300m*

200 Pushups

* Bar is held off the ground the entire time by 2 partners. While 2 partners are performing Pushups, Bar can NOT touch the ground during team transitions of team runs a 300m penalty run*

20 Synchro SA DB Push Press each arm

* resting team holds Plate OH*

30 Synchro OH Lunges

* resting team in Push-Up*

40 Synchro DB Snatches

* resting team in dead-hang*
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