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Metcon (No Measure)

Perform in teams of 2

6:00 AMRAP

30 Cal Row

30 Box Jump Overs

6:00 AMRAP

50 WB Shots

50 OH Plate Lunges 45/35

6:00 AMRAP

30 Burpees

30 HRPU’s

Repeat all 3 workouts again with a 4:00 AMRAP and then repeat all workouts again as a 2:00 AMRAP

As a class rest 2:00 between each AMRAP with a 1:00 Elbow Plank
One partner works at a time! Each round should be a full on sprint. Move fast and transition as soon as you fee your intensity drop. You can scale up the Elbow Plank each round if you’d like; make it loaded or choose something like Deadbug or V-Ups to perform for the minute. I reckon if you wanna go stupid you could do some TTB here.

Happy Thanksgiving you filthy sexy animals! You’ve done enough core for an entire village over the past months, so eat in abundance and we will deal with the consequences later 🤟🏽😘