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Metcon (Weight)

A. Seated Strict Press

3 sets of 8

* build in weight each set *

Max Effort 300/200m Row after every set.

Rest until recovered. Record heaviest set of 5 and SLOWEST set of rowing as score

B. Bench Press

3 sets of 15

* build in weight each set *

Max Effort 250/200m Ski after every set

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

4 rounds

1:00 Max Distance Box Push

1:00 Max Distance Reverse Box Push

* add 2 45#’s for the boys, 1 45# for the ladies

:30 Hang Power Clean

:30 Hang Squat Clean

Rest 1:00
You call it on the clean weight. If you’d like a grip intensive workout that jacks up your HR and you can work cycling a lot of reps then keep it moderate on the weight. On the flip side you can make this heavy real fast and work on your pull/leg strength under fatigue and go a little heavier and perform less reps. Whichever you choose; try to ACTUALLY work for a full :30!