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Warm-up (No Measure)

Core Warmup

50 Kneeling Banded Ab Crunches

50 Ring Body Saw

40 Superman’s (weighted or hold PVC if you are capable)

40 DUAL KB Swings

30 Partner Assisted Hamstring Raises

30 Rower Pike Ups (sub out V-ups)

Metcon (Time)

Farmers Carry The Ugly Loop of Unknown Distance

@ every Corner of the lap drop the KB’s and run the loop until you return back to your KB’s. Repeat this at each corner. Once the KB’s return back to the starting spot the workout is over.
Same running distance as the workout last week, Farmers Carry distance increases dramatically! Be smart on your weights that you pick here. If you are dropping the DB’s every couple of meters this is going to turn into a 💩 show.