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Back Squat (10-10-10)

Warm it up and be ready to attack the first set. You don’t have to try and go for some crazy PR, just put something on the far that feels heavy today & then keep building a little more each set. Those of you that wear knee sleeves,belts,wraps for everything, I challenge you to do this raw and really focus on a quality squat while building a badass core with these high volume Squats!

Plank Builders

2 sets of:

1:00 Weighted Elbow Plank

1:00 Weighted Pushup Plank

20 Elbow-Pushup Plank Walk

Metcon (Time)

For Time

1,000m Row

200m Farmers Carry AHAP

100m OH Carry AHAP

20 Pullups (10 Bar MU’s)

20 TTB (30 GHD Sit-ups)

100 Double Unders
You may have to pick out two different sets of KB’s for your carries and that’s fine. Once you get done with the Row/Carries this workout should turn into an all out Sprint! Enjoy the mixed modality of this one. Challenges about every muscle group we have but will leave you feeling better than when you walked in. 👌🏽